Website development

We create functional, adaptive and modern sites of various types - from one-page landings to entire marketplaces.

In the process, we start from your wishes and combine them with current trends to create good usability and an attractive design that will sell. We pay attention to every detail to provide you with a completely ready-to-use project.

  • Landing Page
  • Corporate website
  • Business card site
  • E-commerce sites
  • Portals
  • Web applications

Mobile application development

Mobile is taking over the world: already today, 6.6 billion or 83% of the population use smartphones. If your business needs an application, we will create it from scratch.

Our team develops cross-platform iOS and Android mobile applications for any task. Functional clean backend and user-friendly frontend that can be easily upgraded and extended in the future.

  • Online store applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Information applications
  • Internal business services
  • Aggregators
  • Social networks and others

Software development

Our team creates software products of any type, including large scale and high level of complexity. We offer a full development cycle - from analytics to support of the finished project.

We use different programming languages and stacks that are best suited for creating software.

  • Document management systems
  • Business management systems
  • Financial softwar
  • Drivers and applications
  • Interactive learning systems
  • Remote control system and others

CMS & CRM development

We create content management systems and CRM from scratch. Efficient custom solutions tailored to your project needs.

Self-written CRM and CMS ensure fast operation and scalability of the site, allow you to change and expand functionality at any time, and also open up a field of unlimited possibilities for customization - we can add options that are not found in any ready-made system.

  • Performance systems
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Complete security
  • Individual interface
  • Any analytics
  • Business process automation