Software installation

Install and configure software and application clients for personal use, offices and businesses.

Direct your time and resources to more important business tasks while our studio specialists take care of the software. We take care of all the processes from file upload to debugging and configuration, so that you or your employees can use the programs they need without any problems.

  • OS
  • Professional software for business
  • Office Applications
  • Drivers
  • Clients for instant messengers and video communication applications
  • Other types of software

Repair and assembly of computers and laptops

We will carry out any work on servicing PCs and laptops, including a complete diagnosis to detect problems and assembling new equipment.

You can order repair or replacement of any components for your equipment from us. If necessary, we will help you select components for assembly, depending on the tasks and purpose of the future computer.

  • BIOS recovery and flashing
  • Video card repair
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Hard drive repair
  • Diagnostics
  • Assembly to order

Upgrading computers and laptops

We replace the outdated hardware of your PC with a new one so that the equipment works many times more efficiently and better cope with the tasks.

Computer upgrades are carried out every few years - and are necessary for both office and personal devices. This not only helps keep the latest up-to-date, but also ensures compatibility with the latest software and application updates.

  • Video card replacement
  • Increasing RAM
  • Installing a New Processor
  • New cooling systems
  • Replacing the power supply
  • New motherboards

Virus check

We will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of your PC to detect viruses and pests.

An infected computer is at risk of data leakage, including confidential and corporate data, and may also become less productive. We will help you quickly solve this problem and find even the most hidden malware.

  • Ransomware
  • Hidden mining programs
  • Phishing programs
  • Trojan viruses
  • Blockers
  • Advertising viruses and others

Printing and printing

We offer services of black-and-white and color listing of documents on office paper. We guarantee high print quality and color fill density.

For your convenience, we accept files in different formats - they can be transferred via file media, or sent in digital format to mail, through a file hosting service or any messenger. Printing can be single-sided or double-sided as you wish.

  • Teaching aids
  • Technical documentation
  • Documents for business
  • Educational materials
  • Information materials
  • Personal documents